Vitamin K


Vitamin K1 is plenty in vegetable oils (especially safflower and soy), green leafy vegetables, alfalfa, fish oil, seaweed, egg yolk and bran from wheat flour. Foods that contain bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus, such as yogurt and kefir are good sources of this vitamin, since these bacteria naturally produce vitamin K.

The content of vitamin K in foods

Food product The content of vitamin K
(miligrams per 100 g of food)
Spinach 4,0 - 6,0
Squash 4,0
Nettle 3,4
Cabbage 3,4
Alfalfa 1,7 - 3,4
Algae 1,7 - 3,4
Tomatoes - green 0,8
Carrots 0,08
Potato 0,08
Pomegranate 0,08
Wheat 0,05
Soy 0,02
Milk 0