Vitamin C

(acsorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid)

Even in the late 18th century it was known, that in the fruits of citrus plants, spinach, fruits, tea, pomegranate is a substance that prevents the disease scurvy. British doctors were shown (around the 1750th) that giving certain types of lemons, which was rich in vitamin C to a group of sailors and compared them with another group, who in their diet did not use this source of vitamin C. Group of sailors who did not use lemon on long voyages got symptoms of scurvy, while another group of sailors remained healthy.

Vitamin C was in a pure state obtained from the juice of lemon and identified in 1933. The chemical structure of vitamin C is definitely determined and explained the in the papers of Szent György, King, Hirst, Haworth, Carrera and others. This substance whose precise structure was determined by Haworth in 1932. is named as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid was first time synthesized by Reichstein and his team of researchers.