Vitamin B17

(amygdalin, amygdaline, neoamygdalin, laetrile, latrille, nitriloside)

This is another compound of which there is debate and controversy (similar to vitamin B15). On the one hand it is considered as miraculous that prevents cancer, on the other hand (in the U.S.) is prohibited and is considered as a poison. For these reasons, this compound can not be called a vitamin!

In 80's of last century researcher within the US National Cancer Institute started laetrile clinical studies in patients with tumors in the terminal phase. The study involved four medical centers (one of which is a reputable Mayo Clinic). In the first three months of more than 90% of patients showed improvement in the treatment of cancer, but after 5-9 months of treatment condition of pationts were much worst and over 85% of the patients died. From the above it can be seen that the tests proved that laetrile did not contribute to the improvement of the patients, as well as the life extension of patients. On the contrary, many patients had significantly higher levels of cyanide in the blood. → Detailed

There is no scientific confirmation of laetrile in the treatment of cancer!