Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is not synthesized by plants nor animals. Vitamin B12 synthesize some types of bacteria. For example, the microflora of ruminants synthesize vitamin B12 in the necessary quantities.

The main sources of vitamin B12 are products of animal origin: liver, kidneys, heart, muscles, beef and pork. In these parts of the body vitamin B12 produced by bacteria is accumulated.

Good sources of vitamin B12 are fish and eggs.

Seafood, soybeans, various grains and cereals ARE NOT good sources of this vitamin, which is especially important for vegetarians.

The content of vitamin B12 in some food products

Food product The content of vitamin B12
(μg / 100 g food product)
Liver – beef 50-130
Kidney – beef 20-50
Heart – beef 25
Fishmeal 10-25
Fish – raw 10
Cheese 1.4-3.6
Meat – beef 2.8
Brain – beef 2.7
Meat – Veal 2.0
The egg yolk 1,2
Milk 0.2-0.6
Meat – pork 0.1-0.5