Vitamin B12

Medical treatment

Recently was found that vitamin B12 has significant anti-tumor effects, and can be a source of energy also for his central nervous system, facilitating a number of neuropsychiatric problems.

In certain inherited diseases are applied larger amounts of vitamin B12 up to 1,000 times higher than normal needs, in order to influence the functional treatment of hereditary metabolic disorders (in humans have described four inherited disorders of cobalamin metabolism).

Vitamin B12 can be added to a vegetarian (macrobiotic) diet, given that many diets of this type, as well as many vegetarian school can cause serious deficiencies of this vitamin, especially in children. Claims that the miso, tempeh and other soy products are rich in vitamin B12 are contradicted by various studies. Only in some seafood is recorded certain level of this vitamin, but there is a suspicion that this is not a vitamin B12, but one of its analogs, which can not satisfy the human needs for this vitamin.

Therefore, to people who eat only macrobiotic is recommended to consume a certain level of vitamin B12 in the body. Vegetarians who consume adequate amounts of eggs will be in the most cases settled with this vitamin. The fish are also good sources of it.

This vitamin increases appetite in children, maintain a good condition of the nervous system, improves concentration, memory and balance.