Treatments with minerals & vitamins

NOTE: In some cases, vitamin & minerala therapy does not cure disease, just alleviate disease. It is advisable to treat all the vitamins and minerals begin only with prior consultation with your doctor.

Disorders of head region
The effect on the psychological factors
Disorders of the skin, nails and bones Disorders of internal organs, blood, glands and heart
Disorders specific to women
Other disorders

Disease / Disorder Vitamins & minerals that might be used in the medical treatment
Disorders of head region Top
Migraines, headache CopperLipoic acidMagnesiumNiacinPotassium
Hangover Vitamin B15
Cataract CopperSeleniumZincVitamin B6Vitamin C
Night blindness Zinc
Glaucoma MagnesiumZincVitamin C
Retinoblastoma Vitamin D
Hair care MagnesiumSeleniumSiliconZincBiotinInositolVitamin AVitamin B5Fatty acids
Baldness MagnesiumSiliconBiotinVitamin E
Otosclerosis - hearing loss Fluoride
Teeth and gums care BoronFluorideZincVitamin A
Bleeding gums ZincC-complex
Bad breath Niacin
The effect on the psychological factors Top
Schizophrenia LithiumManganeseNiacinVitamin C
Aggressive behavior Lithium
Frequent changes in behavior Lithium
Neurological disorders CalciumIronVitamin B1Vitamin E
Affective disorder Lithium
Manic depressive illness (bipolar disorder) Lithium
Clinical depression LithiumFatty acids
Depression CalciumLithiumSelenium
Panic attack Calcium
Irritability Lithium
Insomnia CalciumMagnesium
Alzheimer's disease LithiumSiliconCholineLipoic acid
Stress CopperVitamin CInositol
Mental disorders ZincFolic acid
Increasing of mental capacity and concentration IronZincFolic acidVitamin B1Vitamin B12
Relieve fatigue CobaltMagnesiumPotassiumSeleniumVitamin E
Memory capacity increasing IronLithiumCholineFatty acidsVitamin B12
Dementia (obliviousness) Lithium
Balance improves Vitamin B12
Vertigo C-complex
Disorders of the skin, nails and bones Top
Psoriasis Vitamin AVitamin D
Pellagra Niacin
Skin care CopperSeleniumSiliconZincVitamin AVitamin CVitamin EFolic acidNiacinFatty acids
Wrinkles on the skin Vitamin C
Dry skin ZincVitamin B6
Skin damage ZincVitamin AVitamin EInositol
Bruises C-complex
Burns Vitamin E
Acne, pimples and boils - removal Vitamin AVitamin B6Vitamin E
Age spots removing Vitamin A
Arthritis BoronCalciumCopperFluorideManganeseSeleniumSiliconNiacinVitamin B5Vitamin B6
Osteoporosis BoronCalciumCopperFluorideMagnesiumManganeseSiliconZincVitamin DVitamin K
Bone pain Fluoride
Bone healing Vitamin K
Strengthen bones BoronCalciumCopperZincVitamin A
Disorders of internal organs, blood, glands and heart Top
Anemia (hemosideric) CopperCobaltIronManganeseVitamin B2Vitamin B6Vitamin B12Vitamin CFolic acid
Anemia (megaloblastic, pernicious) CobaltVitamin B12
Asthma CalciumMagnesiumSeleniumCarnitineVitamin CVitamin DCoenzyme Q
Tuberculosis Vitamin D
Gastrointestinal disorders CalciumCobaltNiacinVitamin B6Vitamin U
Intestinal parasites Folic acid
Diarrhea PotassiumNiacinVitamin B6
Appetite increase Folic acid
Endocrine glands stimulation ZincVitamin C
Increased activity of glands Fatty acids
Hyperthyroidism LithiumCarnitine
Nausea Vitamin B6
Liver disease ZincCholineLipoic acidOrotic acidVitamin B6Vitamin B15Vitamin C
Ulcer CalciumCopperSiliconVitamin U
Gastritis CalciumVitamin U
Heart disease PotassiumSiliconOrotic acidVitamin B15
Cancer - various CobaltCopperSeleniumMolybdenum • • NiacinVitamin B6Vitamin B12Vitamin C (prevention) • Vitamin D (prevention) • Vitamin KC-complexCoenzyme Q
Breast cancer SeleniumVitamin DVitamin EVitamin K
Ovarian cancer Vitamin K
Cancer of the esophagus Vitamin B2
Kidney cancer Vitamin K
Stomach cancer Vitamin K
Lung cancer SeleniumFolic acidVitamin AVitamin B12Vitamin E (prevencija) • Vitamin K
Colon cancer SeleniumVitamin DVitamin K
Reduction of negative effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy in treatment of cancer. CopperCarnitineLipoic acidVitamin AVitamin E
Detoxification LithiumMagnesiumSeleniumCarnitineCholineLipoic acidNiacinVitamin B12Vitamin B15Vitamin CVitamin E
Detoxification from alcohol LithiumMagnesiumZincVitamin B5Vitamin B15Vitamin C
Quitting smoking Lithium
Detoxification of tobacco smoke LithiumVitamin CVitamin E
Detoxification of the body from food poisoning Folic acid
Detoxification from lead SeleniumVitamin B1Niacin
Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood CopperSeleniumInositolNiacinVitamin B5Vitamin B15Vitamin CVitamin EFatty acids
Lowering triglyceride levels in the blood CopperNiacinVitamin E
Increasing immunity CopperSeleniumZincVitamin AVitamin B6Vitamin CVitamin DC-complexCoenzyme Q
Diabetes CopperChromiumCarnitineMagnesiumManganeseLipoic acidNiacinVitamin B1Vitamin CVitamin DCoenzyme Q
Hypoglycemia CalciumChromium
Kidney stones MagnesiumPotassium
Stimulation of secretory function of the pancreas ZincCarnitine
Multiple sclerosis ManganeseLipoic acid
Hypoxia Orotic acid
Atherosclerosis - narrowing of the arteries BoronSiliconFolic acidVitamin B15Vitamin CLipoic acid
Intermittent claudication - peripheral arterial disease (pain when walking, feeling of cold, numbness of extremities, fatigue) Vitamin E
Myocardial infarction - treatment CalciumCopperMagnesiumCarnitineNiacinPotassiumFolic acidOrotic acidVitamin B5Vitamin B12Vitamin B15
Cardiac arrhythmias Magnesium
Angina CarnitineMagnesiumSelenium
Cardiomyopathy Magnesium
Stenocardia Vitamin B15
Leukemia Vitamin CVitamin D
Enhances blood circulation BoronCopperNiacinVitamin B5
Wound healing CopperFluorideZincVitamin K
Blood clots - Preventing and healing Vitamin E
Participate in the making of blood CopperIronZincVitamin C
Lowers blood pressure CalciumMagnesiumPotassiumSeleniumNiacinVitamin B5
Treatment of heart disease (Cardiovascular disease) ChromiumCopperMagnesiumPotassiumFatty acidsVitamin B1Vitamin B5Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin ELipoic acidFatty acids
Disorders specific to women Top
Cellulite Manganese
Fibrocystic breast disorder IodineVitamin E
Protecting the body from excessive intake of oral contraceptives Vitamin B6
Premenstrual symptoms CalciumIronLithiumMagnesiumVitamin B6 (CAUTION) • Vitamin E
Premenstrual depression Lithium
Excessive menstrual outflow Vitamin K
Better development of the fetus during pregnancy CalciumIronMagnesiumZincCarnitineOrotic acidVitamin E
Miscarriage prevention IronZincVitamin E
Poor milk production IronZincFolic acid
Eclampsia Magnesium
Menopause - mitigate temperature C-complex
Menopause - mood swings Potassium
Cerebral palsy in infants Magnesium
Other disorders Top
Increase vitality CopperZincCarnitineCoenzyme QFatty acidsVitamin B5Vitamin B12Vitamin CVitamin E
Allergies CalciumPotassium
Athletic look ChromiumVitamin EBiotin
Growth encouraging ZincVitamin AOrotic acidFatty acidsCarnitine
Appetite increasing Carnitine (in children)
Increase in body weight Carnitine
Weight loss ChromiumInositolLipoic acidFatty acids
Slows the aging process (antiaging) SiliconVitamin B15Vitamin CCoenzyme Q
Infertility (sterility) ZincVitamin C (men)
Sperm production ZincCarnitine
Varicocele Carnitine
Increases sexual potency ZincVitamin E
Protecting the body from excessive intake of steroid hormones CalciumOrotic acid
Infections BoronCopperZincVitamin B12Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin EC-complexCoenzyme Q
Disease manifested by increasing temperature CopperVitamin B1
Wound healing CopperZincVitamin AVitamin B5Vitamin CLipoic acid
Relieve pain CalciumCopperFolic acid
Cramps CalciumVitamin B6Vitamin E
Numbness (stiffnes) CobaltCopperVitamin B6
Parkinson's disease - muscle tremors Vitamin E
Epilepsy CopperMagnesiumManganeseVitamin DVitamin E
Flu Vitamin C
Chickenpox Vitamin A
Scarlatina Copper
Diphtheria Copper
Tuberculosis Copper
Drug addiction LithiumNiacinVitamin B15
Alcoholism - treat imbalances in the body ZincVitamin B1Vitamin B15Vitamin C
AIDS - facilitate problems Vitamin AVitamin C (preventive)
Protection against harmful effects of X-rays Fatty acids
Prevention of altitude sickness Vitamin B1
Prevention of motion sickness Vitamin B1
In the treatment with glucocorticoid hormones CalciumPotassium