Fluoride deficiency

Reducing the amount of fluoride in the body leads to the appearance of children dental caries, while in adults most likely to osteoporosis. The lack of fluoride in the body occurs primarily in areas where water is not fluoridated.


Signs of excess fluoride in the body are dermatitis, spots on teeth as the enamel gets yellow-brown color. This disease is known as enamel fluorosis. If somebody assimilate large amounts of fluoride (20 to 80 miligrams per day) over a longer period of time it can also a bone fluorosis occur. In this case decreases appetite, joints become stiff and painful. Spinal bones, pelvis and vertebrae become more intense, so the calcium deposits in muscles and tendons. Fatal fluoride poisoning is possible only when the amount of fluoride that is ingested is 2500 times more than the recommended daily amount.

Enamel fluorosis
Tough enamel fluorosis

There is some evidence that fluoride in the water is associated with the appearance of several types of cancer (particularly cancer of the uterus), although it is not yet fully proven.

Nowadays, water is more and more fluoridated, which contributes to reduced caries, but can lead to the occurrence of dental fluorosis in which teeth become scrawled with yellow and brown spots. It can also occur dermatitis in more sensitive person.